Power Gainz

Power gainz performance specialize with a team
of computer science engineers with over 25 years
experience in tuning vehicles

About Us

Our passion is driving performance, Unlike the majority of local tuners we work with fully trained and experienced “Master” tuners, this means we undertake our own write and develop software whilst with your vehicle.

We use industry leading tools and software from the likes of slave tuner and Kess programming and remapping.

it is our goal to create and apply the safest, most reliable, and powerful custom engine tuning software in the industry using a variety of equipment from major players such as the slave tuner and Kess.  We work with Master file writers who are fully trained to write your custom software.

Our Services


ECU Remapping involves reading the vehicle’s already fitted calibration map, and then we adjustvarious parameters with the ECU such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbo vehicles, ignition advance, and throttle pedal control – amongst others – to release the true performance potential of the engine.


Are you al fuel saver?  if so this is the remap for you! Up to 20% fuel and emissions savings can be had from an economy remap. This option is the most environmentally friendly and ideal for fleet owners.

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