ECU Remapping involves reading the vehicle’s already fitted calibration map, and then we adjust various parameters with the ECU such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbo vehicles, ignition advance, and throttle pedal control – amongst others – to release the true performance potential of the engine.

When making a new vehicle, the manufacturer has to make certain adjustments on the state of tune to account for all driving conditions and regions. We take this initial mapping and adjust the ECU software memory to safely gain power and torque, giving improved drive ability and, in the case of diesel engines, enhanced economy.


Are you al fuel saver?  if so this is the remap for you! Up to 20% fuel and emissions savings can be had from an economy remap. This option is the most environmentally friendly and ideal for fleet owners.

Our Economy remapping works by improving the efficiency and power of the engine so that it doesn’t have to work as hard, in any given situation. Reduced throttle load and the ability to be in higher gears sooner and for longer results in marked economy gainz.

  • Stage 1+, Stage 2 or Stage 3 Remapping
  • DPF/EGR/LAMBDA/O2 delete
  • Speed limit add/delete
  • Rev limit delete
  • pop & bangs map /overrun burble map
  • Hardcut / popcorn limiter
  • Ad blue delete
  • Start stop disable
  • Launch control
  • Fault code delete
  • diagnostics / coding / delete
  • Tuning for Turbo Petrol Engines
  • Tuning for Turbo Diesel Engines
  • Induction Kit Fitting


Stage 1 remapping

A stage one car or van remap requires no modifications to your vehicle, it brings a really nice improvement from the standard power and reduced turbo lag.

This is our most popular remap, the extra power we request is not pushing the engine or turbo to the max capacity. Typically your vehicle will gain up to 30% extra power from standard with this remap.

Price: £249 / £299, contact us to confirm a price for your vehicle.

Pay monthly scheme available, contact us to request finance.

Stage 2 remapping

As you might expect, stage 2 remaps are a little more complicated than stage 1 remaps and require intake/induction + exhaust modifications which may require an intercooler. By tweaking your ECU unit and adding minor upgrades like turbos or larger intercoolers, you can significantly improve the performances of your car with far greater results than hardware upgrades or an ECU remap alone.

Price: £399- £450

Pay monthly scheme available, contact us to request finance.

Stage 3 remapping

Stage 3 remaps follow on from the above Stage 2 tuning hardware, coupled with a stage 3 upgraded hybrid turbocharger

Stage 3 can often be used on a stock engine, however, it is sometimes limited based on what the engine can handle in its stock form. It is often advised that a forged engine should be used in conjunction with a stage 3 kit to push for the ultimate power result whilst maintaining reliability and longevity.

Price: £900 – 1150

Pay monthly scheme available, contact us to request finance.


Price : £249.00

Pay monthly scheme available, contact us to request finance.

Start/Stop Disable add on:

Start/Stop technology has been around for quite some time and some people love it whilst others not so much!

For those of you that hate it we can offer a start-stop disable service. By changing the coding inside the ECU we can fully deactivate the start/stop system. All hardware can remain in place, it will simply be electronically disabled, giving you back full control of your engine.

Price £75

Remap Extras

Optional remap add-ons:

  • Launch control – £20
  • Hardcut limiter – £20
  • Speed limiter removal £15
  • EGR software delete £15
  • DPF software delete £50
  • Start/Stop Disable add on:£20
  • Diagnostics / Fault code delete £20
  • Dyno printout £75
  • Induction kit fitting- call us for a price.